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What You Should Know About Hair Extensions

Every lady desires to look glamorous at all times, and one of the best ways of doing that is through hair makeups. In some cases, the ladies find that their natural hair does not fit their beauty plans and thus, they opt for hair extensions. Fortunately, super hair factory manufactures different types of hair extensions, and therefore, ladies can choose what matches their style. Hair extensions are made from either natural hair or synthetic hair, and the natural hair extension is durable and expensive than synthetic hair which is comprised of majorly silicon and cannot withstand heat. This article discusses various hair extension types and helps you to understand them if you did not have any ideas about them.

Tape-in extensions – These kinds of hair extensions are popular among many ladies, and they are preferable because they are easy to fix and you do not need any help for further adjustments. Fixing tape-in extensions involve using heat to stick them on the sides of your natural hair by an expert. It is economical to use these types of hair extensions as they can last for a considerable period before you need to replace them.

Clip-in extensions – If you do not need something that will last for long on your hair, then clip-in extensions are the best option for you. They are suitable particular when you do not have a permanent style, and you can embrace any style that comes to your mind or suits the occasion. They come in different colors, styles, and textures to suit a wide range of preferences. Make use of them whenever you want and remove them when you do not need them.

Weft extensions – To apply these types of hair extension, you need to have weaved natural hair, and it is done by stitching. Weft extensions exist in two kinds; machine weft extensions and hand weft extensions. Perhaps if you are wondering where the difference lies; machine weft extension is installed near the tip of the hair while hand weft extension is mounted close to the head. If it is weak, you can opt for other types of hair extension which can suit your hair.

Fusion extensions – These types of hair extension are quite costly, but they are high quality as they are made from natural hair. Installing these extensions requires a professional hairdresser as it is quite complicated and takes an extended period to complete. Ensure that you get a professional hairdresser to install this kind of extension as it is a bit sophisticated.

Choosing the right hair extension requires several considerations. Such experts do excellent jobs which make the extension blend well with the natural hair. Do not let unskilled persons install your hair extensions after you have purchased them expensively as they might ruin it.

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