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Blue Pit Bull Puppies are the Best Dogs: Here is Why? Pitbulls are actually a good breed of dogs and their puppies are very adorable. These dogs, especially their puppies are full of vigor. They make good pets because of their loyalty and desire to please their owners. Moreover, owners will also greatly appreciate their friendly nature. Most importantly, their protective nature is one of their most remarkable characteristics. There are different types of pitbull puppies. They could be red or blue nosed pitbull puppies or Staffordshire, or even blue pitbull and other types of puppies. However the one that has a very high demand is the blue pitbull puppy. Pitbull lovers find these type as the most delightful. If you want to know how to recognize a blue pitbull puppy, read on. The first thing you check is the color when you are looking for a blue pitbull puppy. They are actually nearly black but they have a tinge of blue, thus the name. They appear as grey. Thought they appear bluish gray in general, their coat may have white or black patches. Then take a look at the eyes and nose of these puppies which should also be blue. The puppies are born with this color. In this regard, when a breeder says that the color of the puppies will change as they grow older they are trying to deceive you.
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The body of these puppies is the next one you should inspect. They usually appear stocky but they should not be overweight. These puppies generally display strength and vigor. with proper care and exercise, blue pitbull puppies grow to be lean and muscular. Lastly, observe the disposition or behavior of these puppies. Sadly, these dogs are mistaken to be cruel, even deadly. That misconception comes from the fact that these are the most abused breeds because they are being used by inconsiderate owners or breeders to fight in “pits.” The truth is that these dogs are extremely friendly by nature. With the right training and exposure, they enjoy the company of other people. Because of their loyal and obedient nature, they are easy to train. There is likely something wrong with how the puppy was raised or the environment the puppy is exposed to if the puppy is aggressive. When you hear reports of a pitbull being aggressive or very violent, you should know that that pitbull was likely maltreated. That unwanted behavior is the result of the owner or breeders cruelty. In summary, blue pitbull puppies are very lovable dogs. If you treat them with affection and respect they will give you back the same thing and even more. So, blue pitbull puppies are the right pets for you. Go to this link to know more about blue pitbull puppies.