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Importance of Law in the Society

Particular communities re-regulated by setting out rules known as law. The set rules govern the action of the members and it imposes penalties to those who break them. The law dictates how individuals and various branches of the should carry out their duties. There are set out rules that apply to the whole nation and others that apply to a particular person. Everyone should appreciate the role played by existence of standards that govern them. Rules and regulations are set out for the existing people and generations to come.

The law protects the particular community or a nation from violence. The laws in an active legal system ensures that its citizens from any harm propagated to them. Destruction is brought about by wars and killing of people. Status of law is the best way of maintaining peace among the various communities of the world. Where there are strict rules people barred from inciting others to violence. Development of laws governing all the states of the world have created an excellent platform for the achievement of democracy.

Existence of law have significantly helped in the progression of a community. Education is protected by the role as a key pillar of the development. Increase of technology is regulated by the rules set out in a nation. different laws have played a significant role in ensuring that community growth is protected. Heath facilities follow strict rules set out in carrying out their daily chores of treating their patients. Different facilities in our medical facilities have set out rules concerning their use, and every doctor is supposed to follow them.

Laws have played a very critical role in ensuring that people are orderly. Its necessary to protect the environment and the same is captured in the laws set out in different nations of the world. The future generations are entitled to a secure environment that is governed by the set up rules and regulations. Were it not for the various rules and regulations pertaining the deadly diseases persons could be at significant risk for the same diseases. Nuclear weapons have been disqualified by the law as a war weapon in the world for its adverse effects on human lives.

Set out rules have played a significant role in ensuring that human rights are protected. When people are given real space to enjoy their rights pertaining their existence there are harmony and love. Privacy of all individuals is ensured . The personal space is protected by rules governing the particular community. Marriage, as an institution is protected by the law. This has ensured that families continue being respected in all the parts of the globe as the single fundamental units of a particular communities. Laws have played a vital role in ensuring that human existence is not interfered with by factors that can be prevented.

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